Teacher Education


The Section of Teacher Education is in charge of: (1) the selection of applicants for elementary education, young children’s education, special education, and general education programs; (2) the curriculum plan of the education programs; (3) the selection, training, and evaluation of the Scholarship for Excellence in Teacher Education; (4) organizing educational guidance activities for the local areas; (5) assisting students in their teacher education practicum, graduate internships, and teacher education forums; (6) hosting the teacher qualification examination; and (7) implementing projects related to teacher education.


The Section of Teacher Education (STE) aims at nurturing proper-amount and high-quality teachers. Through a thorough and credible selection process, the Center identifies outstanding applicants who are most willing and most suitable to be teachers. Only selected students will be able to take the education program, which emphasizes both theoretical and practical knowledge. The goal of the education program is to nurture enthusiastic educators of new generation.


The Section of Careers Service


Guiding by the purpose of developing students’ profession on their potential and the goal of achieving full employment, the Section of Careers Service plans a series of activities on careers exploration, participation, experience and preparation for students. Also, this section, depending on the statistic results of graduates’ employment, inspects the ideal of cultivating profession and gives feed-back for the goal of achieving full employment, then suggests president to adjust university’s strategies to meet the trend of job market.


The Section of Careers Service is in charge of providing careers exploration, employment workshops, job shadowing and practicum, professional certificates counseling, employment/interview practice and career information, hosting job fairs, and investigating graduates employment situation.


Teacher Education Research Center


  Teacher Education Research Center is the first academic research center in Taiwan for studying the relating issues on teacher education locally and internationally. It was established in December, 2010. It is because of the impressive performances in implementing the educational policies of central and local governments. The major studies include pre-teacher education, the induction, and professional development, etc. Furthermore, the Center is also devoted itself to promote the international academic dialogue and cooperation in the field.